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my ultimate dream is to become an artist and actually do the art for a living and adopt a bunch of cats and have several cute friends and we go to cons together and share an artist’s alley table together and cry over fictional characters together and play video games/marathon tv series together 

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If you’re gonna sell stuff at UBCon you should tell me and I’ll make sure to check out what you got!

I’m going to be at my studio table this weekend.

we have a ton of different fandom stuff so check us out if you come by!~

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Uni-Kage will be at UBcon this upcoming weekend!
I drew these maybe 3 years ago and I never ended up using them.. Should I digitally reboot them for keychains this year?
My friend Kunai and I went to this fancy korean bubble tea place on UB campus yesterday. We got drinks and french Macaroons! They’re pretty good, though the flavors were chocolate, coffee, green tea, and RED VELVET. 
I got an Iced coffee and it was SO good. 
Sadly, I forgot my tablet pen when I went out yesterday, so I couldn’t draw all day… LOL
Posters in 11 X 17 size are now available!
Adding more at the end of the week!